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The Indigenous Defence Consortium (IDC) was established as a result of Indigenous owned and controlled businesses seeking to participate in the delivery of long term Nation building projects. Projects which build sovereign capability and infrastructure will offer longer term contracts and relationships with clients and the Indigenous business sector wants to meaningfully participate.

Energised and enthused by the National Innovation and Science Agenda Indigenous entrepreneurs have rallied together to become a key cog in the supply chain of prime contractors in the Defence Industry.

As a supply chain aggregator the IDC focuses on identifying business opportunities for its Indigenous business consortium partners and then presents turnkey solutions which provide a de-risked integrated offering to its clients. The IDC is able to navigate the Supply Chain requirements of large companies, which are somewhat daunting for small to medium enterprises, and prequalify as an approved supplier. By taking this approach Indigenous businesses are getting access to contracts which they normally would not have been able to as a stand-alone business.
To help build and grow capability and capacity of the Indigenous businesses who are a part of the consortium the IDC has also developed strategic partnerships with a range of organisations.

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